The aim of the « Nocturnes de l’Histoire » (« History Nights ») is to promote the wide diffusion of historical knowledge by organising high quality events which make the results of current research available to the broadest possible audience. They have been launched by the four associations of French university historians, covering ancient, medieval, early modern and modern/contemporary history (SOPHAU, SHMESP, AHMUF, AHCESR), and the first event will take place on 1 April 2020. The aim is to encourage local initiatives from university departments of history, specialised public research institutes, scholarly societies, cultural institutions, networks of students and teachers, or individual historical enthusiasts. The four historical associations will not organise events but will cooordinate local initiatives and organise national and international publicity. They will work to guarantee the quality of proposals which receive the label « Nocturnes de l’Histoire » (« History Nights »), by ensuring that the events supported accord with the spirit of the project both by their educational and scholarly interest and by the respect for the standards of historical practice. For more details, see the Charter of the « Nocturnes de l’Histoire » (« History Nights »).

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